Two themes that seem to come up again and again in my head: Going in circles, and changing my stars. I keep doing the first in an attempt to accomplish the second.

Last night this blog, which hasn’t seen an update in over two years, received several dozen spam comments. In bulk deleting them, I found myself skimming a few of the old posts just to see who I used to be. Interestingly enough, in some ways I haven’t changed much at all and in other ways I’ve changed immensely. I can’t really tell anymore if I’m going in circles, but what I find myself wondering is if I’m happy with myself or if I wish I were somewhere else, someone else.

The new year is coming, and though I’ve been really bad at keeping a blog.. and though nobody is reading this.. it might be time to start again.

.. Especially since the only other thing I’m doing this week is playing WoW again. 🙂


So we’ll see what happens. Meantime? Happy New Year. To…new beginnings. To.. breaking out of circles, and perhaps finally, actually changing my stars. 🙂