JennieBio My name is Jennifer Uhl. As of this writing, March 01, 2014, I am 29 years old. I am a freelance writer, a full-time student, a crafter and a serious animal lover. People who are close to me recognize that I relate to dogs and cats very well. Even at 29 years old I wear cat ears and meow at people, something that I have been doing since I was a kid. I’m a little zany, pretty weird and extremely energetic. I am shy around strangers but open up quickly, and once I start talking it’s not easy to get me to stop.

I’ve evolved significantly through the years, especially over the last decade. Ten years ago my mom passed away, and I stopped being so predictable and so shy. Since 2008 I’ve lived in several different states and pursued several different lives, but I’ve more recently settle down in one place: Saratoga Springs, NY. Now I have a sort of adoptive family here, and a bunch of extremely supportive friends, and I’m trying really hard to find my way. Now I can settle down and focus on the things that truly matter: Family, love and myself.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with diabetes and fibromyalgia, a life-changing event. It meant drastically altering the way I live and finding a healthier path toward happiness. These two diagnoses impact how I live my life, the way I think about my future and many of my goals. My mom was only 47 when she passed away. I know deep down I have to fight if I want to live longer than she did, if I want to spend my last years on this planet healthy and happy rather than actively dying.

Life isn’t always easy. There are days where I struggle with the smallest things, the most insignificant of tasks, but I’m determined to keep going. This blog is where I’ll tell my story. Although it may seem mundane to passersby, my story is anything but ordinary. I will change my stars.