There’s a lot on my mind today and I’m having great difficulty organizing it all into a simple format in my brain. First and foremost, I was accepted into a college here in upstate New York, which means that I can work on my Bachelor’s degree, something I have been dreaming over since my mom passed away nearly a decade ago. The downside is that I have only a small amount of time to figure out my finances and get prepared for school since the first term begins in May and will run me about $2,700. On top of needing to pay for school, I am also making a mad dash to attempt to pay off my debts, of which there are several. I am not as far in debt as many people my age, but I am too far for my own tastes.

Don’t you love tickers? I love tickers. Here are some tickers:


That’s a start, right? Let’s see what else is on my plate.


And for lack of a better place to put this one right now.. Because I have been in a ticker-making mood.


Oh, um.. I’ll put something with more substance up later, I think. 🙂