One detail I have not touched on yet that I want to bring up is this: I have been on many journeys in the past and this is just one more. Starting over is hard. One key to not starting over is to refuse to quit. I sorely wish I had refused to quit all of those times before, but there’s really no going back now.

Before my diabetes and fibromyalgia diagnoses in 2012, I was on the road to health. The problem was, I had roadblocks and obstacles working against me that I wasn’t aware of. Once these diagnoses became clear to me, it realized that I was never going to become truly healthy no matter how much weight I lost because my disabilities were contributing to my weight loss in an unhealthy manner.

I gained weight in the process of getting healthy, due to many things including medications, dietary changes and setbacks. I gained from 195 to 240. Today I sit at 236, and I never want to hit 240 again. I never want to gain weight beyond where I’m at now, I only want to become healthier. I’m going to post some pictures that make me feel shy and terrible because I need to own it. I need to admit that I’m unhealthy, I need to be honest with myself about myself and my health. So here is a picture from my at my greatest weight, 370lbs, and a picture I took recently at ~240lbs.


For future reference, the initial picture is from roughly 2007, which is right around when it is believed that I became diabetic. The second picture is from January of 2014. I have lost so much weight, but I have a long way to go. Now I am focusing on more than my pant size. I want to be healthy.

I am picking up momentum again, and this time I will not give up.