Five days in to my little project and I am still feeling very much like things are out of my control. What this means is that I need to find and repair the little breaks and tears, build a stronger foundation and soldier on. I cannot let my life get out of my control any more than it already is, and I cannot keep functioning with things as out of control as they have been.

I switched my insulin to mornings and it wasn’t the best idea. For whatever reason my sugar prior to giving insulin was 171 this morning, and I am not okay with this. Tonight I’ll administer at night like I used to, and I hope that the slightly-overlapping dosage will help correct the highs. If all goes as planned, tomorrow morning my sugar will be better and going forward I’ll have a little more control.

(This is probably the most boring post you’ve ever read. Haha, like anyone is actually reading this …)

In truth, I’m feeling very lost today. I’m feeling like I don’t know where I’m going. There are definitely some things missing from my life, and it’s time to pinpoint what they are and make change. I accomplished very little today. I ended up taking a rest day on the squats and push ups, not because my body needed it but because I just didn’t want to.

It’s only 8:00pm (I’ve been working on this blog post for hours..) but I am going to bed. I have already taken all three hundred of my medications, it’s time to crash.