I slept last night as if I had never been unwell, crashing shortly after my head hit the pillow and sleeping almost entirely through the night. I woke up twice but not for very long, and slept until after 7am. I even went further and took a nap this afternoon, much needed and well appreciated.

I am down 4lbs in 4 days and I hope that it lasts. Not the steep weight loss, but that they actually stay off. I continued my squats and push ups, I was supposed to have a rest day but skipped it because my body is really enjoying the activity. Another fair day with regards to blood sugar. I can’t complain with a 130-150 average but I would *prefer* lower.

I’m feeling really vulnerable today. Can’t tell if it’s from the body stuff (fibro, fatigue) or energy (weather, planets, other people’s stress) or totally internal, but man everything is weighing me down. I didn’t accomplish much, barely even turned on my computer. I guess I needed a day like this to reset and recharge.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Moving forward. Four days down, 86 to go.