On occasion, I throw myself into such a tailspin with things like stress and anxiety, I actually unconsciously exacerbate my health conditions. Today I am contending with one such situation. It started in my fingers, with piercing pains, which soon spread up my arms and down my sides. Within an hour I was in full body pain, every inch of me from the chin down erupting in static shocks and piercing pains. My stomach began to act up shortly after, pressure in my stomach and esophagus causing difficulty swallowing and breathing. The physiological issues exacerbate the anxiety and depression, which exacerbates the physiological issues in kind, and I fall deeper and deeper into the tailspin until I have no other option than to make my meds and go to bed.

I planned on writing something more tonight, but there’s nothing left in me. I am completely depleted. I am going to bed.