Day nine was nothing. I’m not sure it even happened. Whatever may have transpired, it’s all gone from my mind now. What I do know is that I stopped taking the antidepressant I use to combat fibromyalgia symptoms, something I am really not supposed to do without physician supervision and slowly stepping down the dosage. But I’m some 36 hours into the Cymbalta withdrawal process, which most people will admit is no laughing matter. One surprising side effect is that I have absolutely no appetite today. None. I am struggling to drink an Atkins breakfast shake thing because my blood sugar is in the 80s and that’s a sign I need to put *something* in me.

So I managed to polish off the Atkins shake, a little coffee and then a banana. Immediately I began to feel better, and I managed to get something else in me, which was an Odwalla protein shake. Since I am doing Weight Watchers POINTS going forward, my current points total as of 3:53pm is 13/38. Goodness.

There are going to be a couple of changes going forward, not that anyone is currently reading to notice. First and foremost:

  1. I’m going to combine my Twitter and my blog so I can tweet about little stupid things and blog about the rest.
  2. I’m going to blog every night with a summary of the day, and it’ll be something I work on all day.
  3. I’m going to do more blogs to talk about what I’m up to. I should blog about jewelry making, workouts, gardening and other things I really like so I’m not always just whining about life and my health.

I’m cutting this short because I’m leaving in 4 minutes for therapy. I’ll definitely post more later.