Day Twenty-Three: Missing Time

On day eight, give or take, I stopped taking Cymbalta cold turkey. The past couple of weeks have been a little blurry. One thing that I do know is that I haven’t felt like writing. I haven’t felt like talking, or sharing, or communicating in any real way. I’ve been a bit of an emotional mess, a bit of a physical mess, and really just struggling to find a way to move forward.

Today, twenty three days into my project, I can really only give bullet points about what I’ve been up to. Nobody is reading, so it’s entirely OK. Nobody has missed me. =)

  • I’ve been making jewelry here and there. I’ve fallen out of the practice of making something every day, it only lasted about 3 days. That’s generally how things go with me. I try really hard but fail after a few days.
  • I’ve also been trying to get through p90x every day. Yesterday’s workout was particularly hard, and I’m really feeling it across my arms and chest today. I suppose that’s a good sign. A sign that I am helping my body get more healthy.
  • I am still Cymbalta-free, and I have also quit several other meds over the past couple of weeks. None of them had nearly the same impact, they were mainly for things like heartburn and nausea. But they weren’t really helping anymore, or the symptoms that caused me to need them were lessened, and so I stopped taking them. I have cut my daily medicine use down from eight pills + insulin + tylenol down to two pills + insulin + tylenol. Not bad, not bad at all.
  • I’m behind in my school work and my regular work. I’ve been at a sort of constant-behind state for weeks now. I’ll get almost caught up, then fall behind again. Things like bills and grades are definitely going to begin to suffer if I do not get my ass in gear. I think I’ll print out another colorful todo list and try again. *soft sigh*

For now I’ve run out of things to say. Perhaps a happier update will come later, perhaps not.



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  1. I miss you, Pet. I wish you would keep writing. I hope you know that I’ve been here all along, and I always look forward to your updates. Your fanbase is at least one more than zero, you know.

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