As I’m writing this, it’s 12:50pm on a Sunday afternoon.¬† woke up yesterday, Saturday, at 7:00am. So in a few short minutes it will have been 30 hours that I have been awake and I am not entirely certain why.

I feel like perhaps, today, sleep is not meant to be my primary concern. I suppose that there are too many other things on my mind right now, so here I am: Sitting in front of my computer looking at homework, work, my blog and other¬† things. Thinking about the future. Obsessing about fitness. There’s really too, too much on my mind to do anything else but get it out in some way. Let’s start with this:

  1. Positive: I did my squats challenge and push ups challenge with Mandi. Today was 6 push ups and 12 squats.
  2. Negative: My sugar was 146 mg/dl this morning. This is not too bad for having not slept, but I do not like it this high.
  3. Positive: I accomplished a lot of homework last night and have a plan in place for accomplishing more today.
  4. Negative: I am struggling to maintain the necessary focus to accomplish regular work stuff (Writing.)

This is not the end of the things I need to attend to this week. I am making strides, but I’m not where I wish I were. I suppose this is a normal part of starting a new “plan,” not liking where you’re going at first. Because I really need to feel some semblance of control over my “creative life,” I’ve decided that each day I need to pick a creative endeavor to pursue, whether it be one of my personal writing projects, a jewelry project or one of my other business ideas. Today I really want to make something with my hands, and so I will be crafting some earrings in a little while. If anything positive comes from the work, I’ll post pictures tonight.

My person is away for the week due to family obligations, but due to return in approximately 29 hours. I am hoping to sleep more consistently when he returns.