If you have ever had a stomach flu or food poisoning, you probably remember a time where being able to keep down saltines and ginger ale was a feat. You were happy to be munching saltines and keeping them down relatively well, because nothing else wanted to stay put in your stomach. Apparently, as I’ve recently learned, most days with gastroparesis are like a good day with a stomach bug. I’ll start the day with something relatively nutritive, such as an Atkins shake or an Odwalla juice, then within an hour or so I’m nauseous and unhappy, so I spend the next few hours slow-eating oyster crackers or saltines just trying to feel normal again.

At least once a day I’ll slip and put something in my mouth I really shouldn’t have. When you’re dieting or watching your blood sugar, “slipping” is eating an entire candy bar or that giant slice of cake after dinner out. When you have gastroparesis, “slipping” is eating the wrong vegetable, something with too much fiber in it, or just a little more food than your stomach was able to bear. The other day, I slipped and drank too much water. This week I’ve done a lot of self-educating about food choices through trial and error. My stomach seems to agree very well with potato in all its many forms, but unfortunately chicken (at least for the time being) does not seem to be an acceptable choice. I can eat an entire box of saltine crackers (my diabetes is not happy about this) without a problem, but the wrong cup of soup will completely screw me up.

This is just one more in the seemingly ever-growing list of invisible chronic conditions that I’ve developed. Hooray. Now I am a type 2 diabetic with fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy and gastroparesis. 🙂