One of my greatest passions is growing things, but I’ve struggled with putting down roots in any sense because I’ve not stuck around in a single place for a while. When I signed the lease on my apartment last spring, one of the first things that I absolutely had to do was to buy a bunch of silly container gardening kits. Little plant starters in a variety of colors and styles. And I grew those babies until I had plants exploding out of everywhere.

Unfortunately, spending a lot of time in my apartment was a short-term endeavor. Over time, I spent increasing amounts of time at His home, and my plants slowly died. The cold of the winter claimed my final plant, a very stunning little Coleus which I still mourn.

Flowering Coleus

Flowering Coleus

With the spring coming, I have once again been bitten by the tiny-gardening bug, and this time I have even grander plans. I am still trying to decide if I want to primarily grow here at His house, or at my own. Planting at my own home will obviously require that I make a commitment to my apartment, and in truth, I’m struggling to make that commitment right now. Though I pay monthly rent there, I spend very little time there. In the past couple of months I have essentially been paying for a storage unit with a mailbox. Perhaps the spring is time for that to change. Perhaps I should grow a garden so that I have a reason to go home, to be home. Something of my very own.



Purple Passion Plant

It’s just a start, right now. I am growing a potato plant from an actual potato, a new baby Coleus and a little carrot greenhouse. I also have this purple passion plant, which is actually fuzzy.. somehow. It’s my own little window garden, sitting in the kitchen. I hope it grows. I hope that it becomes something spectacular. Perhaps this is the project I have been needing.

Newborn Coleus